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    Briana Smith♡

    wanderlustbri17@gmail.com [personal]

    I own and operate a registered (real company) Freelance Consultant Service online.
    I am certified by Google in search ads and SEO, and I am able to build websites/landing pages...as well as design logos and merchandise for you or your company.
    We offer many things, yet all our work is done specifically to meet your needs.
    We can also help you publish your ebook or audio book on Kindle Direct and Audible (among others).
    I also run several storefronts on many different platforms, allowing me to gain experience operating the new terrain.

    I have two blogs and a book on Amazon, as well as a few articles on Hubpages.com.

    I'd love to write for you! If you need tons done, I can handle it. We also offer account management and social media marketing.





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