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What are Poofs?

    Hi, thanks for asking and allow me to explain. Poofs are a creation all my own, some are inspired by real world things and others come from deep within my mind. These little creations are guardians, they protect a person, plant or animal from the negative energy that comes from this world.

    They are great at helping a person feel less anxious and not so alone. For kids they are great school buddies, being small enough most teachers won't mind, but also cute or derpy enough to start up a conversation with a peer.

    They also make cute decoration for plants, tables and bookshelves of all kinds. How many people do you think would notice one in your home? The more derpy ones are hilarious icebreakers, to give a person something to talk about that isn't themselves can be extremely helpful sometimes.

    These little and sometimes big guys have tons of different and creative uses and they are just great to have around. Maybe get one or some for yourself to see all of the things you could do with one. I promise, they don't judge.

    We accept payment via PayPal, and you can contact us about a commission or any questions you may have via the website chat box or you can also email us at the provided email on the contact tab. Thank you ever so much for stopping by and reading all that I have to say. I hope you have a great day and a great life, bye. 😁